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Termite Dogs Work. With noses up to 10,000 times better than human noses, our canine detectives can locate even the smallest intrusions into your home. A dog’s nose contains around 200 million scent receptors, which make it much more sensitive than the human nose. Did you ever wonder why a dog’s nose is always wet? A wet nose attracts moisture and holds scent molecules, which can then travel up the nostrils. Dogs sniff because it helps to stir up scent particles so that the dog can inhale them. If you look closely at a dog's nose, you'll notice slits at the corners of each nostril. When flaring out, these slits enable more air to circulate around the nostrils and make the scent really strong.

Termite dogs are rigorously trained and that training is a constant in their life. HT&PC has a colony of termites in a 50 gallon trash can in our office so that we always have live termites on hand to continue their training. If you’d like to know more about termite dogs, please check out our friends at Forensic & Scientific Investigations,




Cricket is our first termite dog. She is our “Show- N-Tell” dog; we take her to conferences meetings, realtor training, and elementary schools.

As a puppy, Cricket was rescued from an animal shelter in South Florida and was placed into a training program for termite detective dogs. Cricket has been studied by Auburn University’s Canine Detection & Training Center, and in 2002 she and Larry were named “Top Team” by the International Termite Detector Dog Association.


Misty, termite dog number 2, works closely with Ryan Madden. Misty is an AKC registered Australian Shepherd, and was trained by Florida Canine Academy’s Bill Whitstine, online at Assured Environments.

A high energy dog if ever there was one, Misty’s work ethic is total; when she’s working she’s big trouble for termites. When she’s not, she’s a terror on tennis balls!


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